This is a very important training for an organization that is often overlooked.

Every high performing Athlete has a coach and for the most part is not because they lack motivation or there is something wrong with them. High performers always have a coach because they are looking for that edge; they want to be the best; and they know that they can’t see all the angles. They know that they have blind spots and once they see what is hidden from them, breakthroughs happen with velocity.

Our executive coaching program is design to partner with you and help you discover for yourself what has been in the way of having a breakthrough in those areas that are important to you. In our experience, our clients have one area in which they are doing very well, however they can’t quite transfer that edge in other areas of their lives that matters to them.

Some Examples For some of our clients, money is not an issue but their personal relationships are bankrupt. At the end of the day is not what we collect that fulfills us but the quality of the relationships that we have. In our Executive program we have a series of conversations and exercises that support our clients in discovering and mastering how to put in place powerful structures or get out of the way unnecessary baggage that prevents from having meaningful relationships.

Lastly, for some of our clients it is important to go the next level in their business or their career and they are not content with being in the same position for too long. They feel a heavy weight from a quilt that has been built from the many years of their routines. Another way of saying it, they have unconsciously programmed themselves to keep their business and their career in the same place.

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What is at the core of corporate change? - your employees. A hard fact is that 70 percent of most change initiatives fail. One could make a real case that the reason for that failure is that initiatives are not carried by good ideas or technology but by people. And human beings are complex beings that have different motives for performance.

Cultural transformation can be a critical part for an organization’s success. However, for the most part it is difficult to engage in its complexity because it is like an invisible hand that controls the mood and the morale of an organization. Ultimately, the culture of your organization directly shapes, affects, influences, sculpts the performance of your team. MPB engages with you and your team to uncover the conversations that are holding the blueprint of the culture in your organization in order to loosen up its grip and cause the changes that are necessary to catapult your business or department into new levels of performance.

The moral and culture of an organization is not necessarily shifted by giving more money to your employees or by hiring new people. An essential component when shifting a culture is to engage people in the process of the transformation…. People support what they create When a company is looking to launch a new marketing campaign, create a new benchmark or transform its culture, who would be at the center of this change is actually people. Successful implementation depends on the mindset of your employees. We are experts in creating a conversation among your employees that leads to becoming a high performing organization.

Your people are at the core of your success and creating a shared vision is your biggest opportunity.

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This is a very important training for an organization that is often overlooked.

Leadership Development encompasses many aspects for individuals that more often than not, they did not have any training before. For the most part, people move to management or leadership positions as a result of some measured performance; however, the new position becomes a training leadership platform for effective communication, influencing others, empowering others, creating a culture of high performance, maintaining morale, avoiding gossiping among peers, giving feedback, retention of talent, public speaking, visionary strategic thinking and the list goes on and on.

What ends up happening is that the managers look for old familiar ways in which they have been trained to create results and begin to manage everyone on their team the same way. Consequently, “old management” becomes the only way of leading and naturally it can take years and a load of stress before a manager can develop into an effective leader within an organization.

Mindful Performance Blueprint partners with our clients to empower them to create an organization that enhances effective leadership around a strategic goal that will create a breakthrough in performance for the team or the organization.

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Mindful Performance Blueprint’s Wellness Coaching Program is a perfect complement to the executive coaching, leadership development, web-design and branding services that we provide to individuals, companies and organizations. Our objective is give you access to techniques that will help you strengthen your relationship with your health, mind and body, so that you can create space in your life to take care of yourself first. We will help you discover that YOU are the most important thing in YOUR world.

Most corporations and business are committed to establishing wellness programs and supporting initiatives that help their employees find a work-life balance that is sustainable and achieves maximum productivity. They understand that high-performers have boundless energy to create ideas and achieve their goals AND they need a healthy body to do so.

High performers are often juggling a lot, so they allow their personal needs and health to fall by the wayside. They often skip meals or reach for what is fast and convenient, but not necessarily healthy. In addition, high stress levels are known to affect long-term performance. We will guide you through Mindfulness Stress Reduction techniques, that will allow you to control your emotional state when in stressful situations. You will learn how call upon your calmer self, to be present in the moment and access an emotional space that heightens your focus and productivity.

Taking care of your body requires embracing a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques. Our wellness coach is ready to partner with you as an individual or your organization to develop a wellness program that will help you pave your unique wellness path back to optimal health and stress management. We will help you and your company create an environment that nurtures your mind, body and spirit.

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When growing a business, or developing a project, there are two communications that must always be at the forefront in order to achieve outstanding results and maintain a high performing team environment.

At MPB we have equipped ourselves to provide our clients with over 10 years of experience in corporate branding and world-class graphic designing. We look to adapt to the diversity of necessities that a product or services may have in a constant changing environment and to identify the best strategy for execution.

We believe that a brand must not only be beautiful, it must also have a great visual, sound or an olfactory expression, an unforgettable name; it must be summed up in an identity that generates value and influence.

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