We are team of consultants with over 10 years of experience working internationally and domestically on elevating the performance of individuals and organizations. We have a unique expertise in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, management teams and business leaders in understanding the blueprint of their organization. We empower our clients in creating a culture that elevates morale and ultimately performance.

Our expertise is in helping you understand the blueprint of your team’s performance. We work with you and your employees to elevate their effectiveness at work and build leaders within your organization.

Furthermore, we assist small business and corporations achieve new levels of results by partnering with them in creating a world-class brand and web-design strategies to implement a high-end marketing campaign necessary to succeed in the global business arena.

Giovanni Gonzalez

CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Born in Colombia, lived in Belize and currently resides in Atlanta, GA USA.

As a first-time immigrant, Giovanni sold newspaper on traffic lights for a living and now professionally, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mindful Performance Blueprint (MPB) and the creator of Access the Leader Within Leadership course. MPB is a business consulting company committed to elevating the performance of individuals and organizations through the transformation of culture, leadership development, and the implementation of strategic leadership initiatives. With over 10 years of experience, Giovanni has proven ability to produce leadership at all levels of an organization and has trained thousands of business professionals from fortune 500 companies in North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in international Business and a Masters in the science of Management and Leadership. Anecdotes of Giovanni’s life and his personal transformation have been published in his book “La Mente de un Inmigrante.” (The Mind of an Immigrant, 2011) and his life story was aired on Telemundo under the title of “breaking barriers.” Furthermore, he is frequently invited to speak as a business expert on Univision.

Leo Vasquez

Business Developer
Leonardo has been an entrepreneur for over a decade helping small businesses develop small projects that catapult into large impact initiatives. His area of expertise is in the development of digital marketing initiatives that are necessary to grow in the market place. His commitment to education and the talent development of children from developing countries drove him to work with Mision Child to raise thousands of dollars for over eight years. Through his philanthropic passion, he supported building the infrastructure of three schools in Latin America. Leonardo’s latest pursuit is bringing a new conversation of leadership and being a leader for businesses.

Mario "Zulu" Zuluaga

Creative Director
Mario Zuluaga is an accomplished graphic designer with over ten years of experience transforming businesses through corporate branding, marketing and advertising. He is the founder, CEO and creative director of Mazdi Design Innovation, an advertising and design agency focused on creating, launching and delivering innovative marketing solutions that positively impact their clients’ business. Mazdi specializes in website construction, logo design and brand architecture with original and innovative proposals that break through the clutter of today’s media climate. Mario has a solid reputation in the field and an extensive portfolio. Mazdi’s client portfolio includes over 100 national brands in Colombia including Carvajal, Propal, Incauca and Comfandi. His work has positively impacted commerce in Latin America and is now successfully expanding into the US market. Mario is committed to supporting his community by offering his services to organizations like UNICEF, Colombianitos and the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association.

Pao Stickland

Influencer in social networks and creator of Latinfitflow ™ or La Yoga Latina
A fitness program that combines Latin dance and rhythmic yoga in one. This unique program has helped hundreds of people connect mind, body and spirit in a unique and special way. Pao Sticklan has more than 38 certificates of teaching in fitness and more than 12 years of experience in both fitness and dance. She also had the opportunity to work alongside: Louis Van Amstel (dancing with US stars), Beto Pérez, Zumba Creator, June Khan (Pilates ACE teacher), Sarah City W., among many others. Additionally, Pao is a graduate of coaching programs with Dave Ramsey FPU, Sean Croxton's MMA, Bob Proctor YWR, YoUniverse conscious meditation coaching, Mexico Challenge Group, and Access the Leader Within with Giovanni Gonzalez. Her life’s passion and commitment is to support each human being to become infected with the energy and vitality that we all carry inside.


5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Career Coach


How did you get into coaching?

Most coaches I know are people who worked for many years in information-processing or management roles, and gradually realized that they were most fulfilled when working with people and helping them to develop.They are generally thrilled to be able to follow their passion. At the same time, what they did before may have a direct bearing on the kinds of career issues you face. In 2009, there are coaches trained as lawyers, coaches trained as bankers, and even coaches trained as cops. You can find a good fit.


Are you coachable?

This final question is for you, not the coach. To be coachable, you have to be open and conscious. You are, after all, trying to achieve something that you haven’t achieved yet. People are uncoachable when they have internalized cynicism as their core definition of self, or when they are unwilling or unable to detach from a narrative of victimization. Coaching doesn’t require you to believe that happiness is around the corner, but it does require you to be interested in taking a look.