We are team of consultants with over 10 years of experience working internationally and domestically on elevating the performance of individuals and organizations. We have a unique expertise in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, management teams and business leaders in understanding the blueprint of their organization. We empower our clients in creating a culture that elevates morale and ultimately performance.

Our expertise is in helping you understand the blueprint of your team’s performance. We work with you and your employees to elevate their effectiveness at work and build leaders within your organization.

Furthermore, we assist small business and corporations achieve new levels of results by partnering with them in creating a world-class brand and web-design strategies to implement a high-end marketing campaign necessary to succeed in the global business arena.

Giovanni Gonzalez

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

An authority on leadership development and an expert on building high-performance teams.

Founder and CEO of Mindful Performance Blueprint (MPB ) and the creator of the 3-day leadership course Access the Leader within. For over 12 years, Giovanni has mentored business leaders, community leaders, and entrepreneurs to elevate their ability to positively influence others and build high-performing teams.

His work has ranged from working with companies that have 20,000+ employees on how to create a high performance culture to working with start ups committed to making a difference and leaving a legacy. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and business leaders grow from 5 figures to 6 figures and from 6 figures to 7 figures and many companies double and triple their revenues by accessing and leveraging the talent pool they already have within their teams.

Giovanni has a bachelor's degree in International Business and Masters in the Science of Management and Leadership. Anecdotes of Giovanni's life and his personal transformation have been published in his book entitled "La mente de un Inmigrante. This book employs a simple conversation that has inspired many others to transform their lives.

Saurel J. Quettan

Senior Consultant and Partner
Saurel J. Quettan, Senior Consultant and partner for MPB, focuses on breakthrough projects, team building, long-term strategy, implementation, and executive development. Within his consulting practice, Saurel works with clients to redefine the competitive landscape in their segments, spearhead major growth initiatives, and expand companies into high-performing enterprises. Saurel is also a co-founder and President of QM3 Utility Services, Inc. (QM3). Under his leadership, QM3 has developed and deployed processes and systems, and managed millions of field assets for utilities across the southeast. QM3 has over 50 employees and currently serves the states of Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. For over 10 years, Saurel enjoys and thrives on the development and delivery of leadership programs designed to give people access to breakthrough performance. Mr. Quettan earned an MBA from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida UF). He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Driven by the vision that Haiti is a developed nation, Saurel is the President of the Georgia Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, Inc (GAHCCI) and has traveled to Haiti and trained more than 1,200 Haitian citizens since 2009.

Janier Martinez

Latin America Outreach - Associate Consultant
Consultant and international advisor with more than 12 years of experience in the field of Project Management focused on small to medium size businesses. With a multicultural diverse experience by living in five different countries, Janier brings a holistic approach to management consulting and provides effective practices that allow for leadership teams to align and be effective in creating breakthrough results. Janier has a postgraduate degree in Project Management. Janier is also the Founder of Kids Projects Management-solutions; an interactive model for small businesses that offers a comprehensive game template that allows executives and entrepreneurs to think outside the nine dots.

Martha Sasser

Practice Leader & Operation Manager

Operations Manager for MPB and Marketing Director of Co-Parenting into the Future. Martha discovered the full expression of her leadership by supporting the relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005. Furthermore, through hurricane Harvey, she founded “The Miracle Relief Collaboration League” (MRCL) Formerly known as the “Harvey Miracle Team.”

She has volunteered in numerous organizations in Houston, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and surrounding areas as a Humanitarian, Community Organizer and Outreach Coordinator for the last 20 years.

Mariela Romero

Business Developer | Senior Consultant & Partner

Mariela Romero is Mindful Performance Blueprint's Business Development Director. She is a multilingual, passionate journalist, writer, producer, and public relations professional with over 30 years in broadcasting. Her extensive outreach in building bridges between different communities has led her to create reflective, effective, and cohesive, in-language and in-culture content related to inclusion, diversity and equity. Thanks to her exceptional skill set for creating content, she has received 27 Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts – Southeast region. In 2021 the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce inducted her into the Most Influential Latinos Hall of Fame.

Marcial Marquez

Practice Leader | Industrial Engineer – Senior consultant

Marcial is Mindful Performance Blueprint’s practice leader. He is the Managing Director of the Inter-American Inspection & Certification Bureau. Over 20 years of experience in the oil & gas, mining & construction industries. His work expands in his ability to integrate all levels of organizations, from top management commitment to employee participation in the assessment and abatement of environmental and workplace hazards. He has extensive experience in HSE Management systems and Accidental Prevention.

Sofia Aparicio

Graphic Designer

As the Graphic Designer for MPB, Sofía Aparicio has been instrumental in shaping and executing designs for various advertising campaigns and branding initiatives aimed at promoting MPB's products. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Sofía excels in creating visually captivating graphics and utilizing innovative tools to bring projects to life.

Nicole Becerra

Copywriter at MPB

Nicole, the Copywriter at MPB, is a Social Communicator and Journalist. Her passion for poetry and self-expression has led her to participate in the Casa de Poesía Silva, where she has nurtured her creativity and literary skills. She has been part of the book "Quemarlo todo, antología contra la dictadura," a valuable contribution against oppression and injustice, published by Editorial Sátiro in 2021. Her poetry has been featured in literary magazines in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Additionally, Nicole volunteers for an organization that supports individuals with cognitive disabilities and victims of armed conflict. She dedicates herself to proofreading and editing texts for their magazine, showcasing her commitment to enhancing and refining literary content to have a positive impact on society.

Lizeth Ortiz

Project Manager at MPB

Lizeth Ortiz is a publicist from Bogotá, Colombia, whose passion lies in the analysis of human behavior and strategy. A graduate of the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, she constantly seeks to contribute to improving people's quality of life. Currently, she holds the position of Project Manager at Mindful Performance Blueprint, where she has found an ideal space to apply her knowledge and empathy.

Carlos Jiménez

Senior Consultant - Mindful Performance Blueprint

Researcher, scientific and popular science writer, speaker, and professor at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Santo Tomás University, and Universidad ECCI.

He has a professional background in marketing, advertising, and sales in North America, Europe, and Colombia. Carlos has worked on projects for multinational companies across various sectors such as Deloitte and Henkel, as well as strategic programs for NGOs like the United Nations Development Programme (PNUD). He has also collaborated with Colombian multinationals like Bancolombia, Grupo Corbeta, and Incolbest, among others.

Furthermore, Carlos is an active investor in real estate and digital entrepreneurial ventures.


5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Career Coach


How did you get into coaching?

Most coaches I know are people who worked for many years in information-processing or management roles, and gradually realized that they were most fulfilled when working with people and helping them to develop.They are generally thrilled to be able to follow their passion. At the same time, what they did before may have a direct bearing on the kinds of career issues you face. In 2009, there are coaches trained as lawyers, coaches trained as bankers, and even coaches trained as cops. You can find a good fit.


Are you coachable?

This final question is for you, not the coach. To be coachable, you have to be open and conscious. You are, after all, trying to achieve something that you haven’t achieved yet. People are uncoachable when they have internalized cynicism as their core definition of self, or when they are unwilling or unable to detach from a narrative of victimization. Coaching doesn’t require you to believe that happiness is around the corner, but it does require you to be interested in taking a look.