Giovanni delivers with heart and humor an experience that will shake you free of limited thinking and equip you as a leader for breakthrough performance.

Jeff Blochowiak

Executive Vice Chairman - Transamerica Financial Advisors

Giovanni is an excellent coach. I hired him to take my company to the next level and the breakthroughs we have gotten are amazing.  His knowledge and capacity to take that knowledge and apply it towards himself and others is incredible.  I am really happy I hired him as an executive coach.

Angela Beltran

Co-founder and CEO of Calidad Insurance

Giovanni has an extreme passion to help build a new generation of leaders and his knowledge and guidance has helped me bridge a gap to become a better speaker at my last event.

Carlos Paez

CEO of Reliant Financial Benefits

In spite of my degrees and learned abilities, I am so very grateful for my friend and coach. Although some many years younger than myself, I appreciate his level of awareness and encouragement. I realized through his quiet demeanor and effective coaching that I too can encourage others to be successful in life and yet the best of friends. A real friend that makes a difference in our lives during the good times and the bad times.

Edward Jackson

Retired Aeronautical Engineer from Lockheed Martin, Fire fighter, Senior Marketing Director at Transamerica Financial Advisors

It has been a privilege to work with Giovanni, his coaching has given me access to have the life I get to enjoy and create now.  There is no comparison between the woman I was before and the woman that I am now.  I am forever profoundly thankful for his coaching and guidance.

Vivana Martinez

Entrepreneur and single mother

The talks were a great motivational aid. Thanks to them, I was able to discover my potential and achieve results that seemed unimaginable and unreachable. I have refined my leadership skills and learned to believe in my abilities, to provide my team with direction, be motivational myself and lead with example in my organization. Now, I am able to help others discover their potential and believe in themselves.

María Fernanda Gómez Castilla

Human Resources Director for the Department of Pensions and Social Security for Colombia

Meeting Giovanni has changed my life forever. After years of struggling with interpersonal relationships, he was able to restructure my thinking. His ability to guide you through the meaning of your actions and perceptions liberates you to express who you truly are.  As a new attending physician, I now have the tools to guide my team in the E.R. to deliver the highest quality of care to my patients and provide my residents with a new way to view and execute leadership.

Maneesha Sabharwal, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician at Emory University

From my encounter with Giovanni’s work, I see the quality of his content and his authentic delivery, which is 1. Very refreshing, 2. Very challenging, 3. Very transformative…. You leave with useful information that if you apply it you can really walk out with a different life.

Santiago Marquez

President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

I have worked closely with Giovanni.  He is a leader who thrives by building people who in turn lead others, and he does it so successfully. He is a people person and cares about all those around him.

Steven Rosenthal, MD


When it comes to creating leadership, Giovanni Gonzalez has created a leadership program capable of leaving you and your team effective at exercising leadership in your life and in your organization. I have witnessed the ability of this program to produce results first hand and will gladly implement it in my organization and my community to create the future I am committed to creating…. And, I encourage you to do the same.

Saurel Quettan

President of QM3 Utility Services, Inc. and President of Georgia Haitian Chamber of Commerce

The billion-dollar seminar on Leadership is what I call Giovanni Gonzalez’s breakthrough seminar.  From beginning to end it was extraordinary.  The topics and content elevated my thinking on relationships and leadership.  My attendance at future leadership seminars is a must.  Cutting edge!!!

Rita Williams, Attorney

Owner of Williams & Associates Law firm